Toon Blast Cheat Guide: Get More Lives, Beat More Levels With These Tips

Aficionados of the well known Candy Crush game class got a decent astonishment a week ago when portable puzzler Toon Blast landed in the Apple and Google Play application stores.

toon blast cheats The game brings comparative riddle elements as Candy Crush however with its own one of a kind difficulties just as an enjoyment, Saturday morning animation topic. On the off chance that you as of late began playing Toon Blast and are experiencing difficulty overcoming levels without spending for your entire lives, we've assembled a cheat guide of tips and deceives for beating more levels, getting more lives and making your lives last more. We can't guarantee you anything insane like a boundless measure of lives for the game, yet with the procedures and tips we'll talk about, coming up short on lives ought to once in a while be an issue.



Toon Blast Tips, Tricks and Cheats: Get More Lives And Beat More Levels With This Strategy GuideHow To Get More Lives


At the point when you first beginning playing Toon Blast you are given 5 lives. For whatever length of time that you beat a level, you won't lose an actual existence, yet in the event that neglect to beat it, one life is removed. The game is addictive so some may be enticed to utilize a telephone cheat or hack to get boundless lives. In any case, we've found there are really a few authentic approaches to get more lives in the game so you can continue playing.

  • Join a Team - Teams become accessible when you arrive at level 20 and are probably the most ideal approaches to get more lives all the time. When you arrive at level 20, go to the tab with the group symbol and attempt to go along with one that has a great deal of individuals (at least 15) in it as of now. When you've joined a group, you can place in a solicitation for lives by tapping the "Ask Lives" button in the talk. This will permit colleagues to surrender you to five lives at regular intervals. In the event that you are a piece of a functioning group, getting colleagues to give lives shouldn't be hard on the grounds that they win coins for doing as such. Additionally, make certain to help any colleague mentioning lives so you can procure coins as well.
  • Use Coins - 100 Coins can be utilized to top off lives to five. Coins can be purchased yet they are likewise earned in the game. Here are a couple of approaches to get a few coins for purchasing more lives:
  • Give lives to colleagues - you are remunerated one coin for each heart you provide for a partner.
  • Open a Toon Chest - these are earned each 10 levels you pass.
  • Open a Star Chest - you get a Star Chest in the wake of winning 20 stars on levels played. In the Star Chest is a finished top off for your lives alongside some different treats. You can win 1-3 stars on each level passed relying upon what you score is toward its finish.
  • Wait A Little While - another life is allowed like clockwork so in case you're drained possibly give it a rest for an hour and return for additional

Level Clearing Tips and Tricks For Beginners (1-20)

  • Work from the base - when in doubt, I generally begin searching for combos close to the base of the screen rather than the top. Working from the base not just permits all the more new 3D squares to drop, you additionally have a more noteworthy possibility of compacting blocks of a similar shading together.
  • Think before you tap - Puzzle games are to a great extent about speculation ahead one stage. You're first objective is to tap gatherings of blocks that are the shading you need, yet in the event that a particular shading you are attempting to get isn't accessible, search for different combos that, when evacuated, will arrange the hued squares you need. Similarly, in the event that you have a few gatherings of shaded squares you need to clear, pull the ones close to the highest point of the screen first, with the goal that you don't modify their course of action and ruin the combo.
  • Look for approaches to focus on combos - Making combos ought to be in early levels. very time you combine at least 5 squares together, you open an incredible combo that can truly assist you with clearing some large obstacles.To do this, you have to search for bunches of squares close to one another. At times you may have a few squares of a similar shading close to one another yet not associated. If so, search for different hinders that can be cleared with the goal that the ones you need can combine. E Below is an overview of the considerable number of combos and what they do. More conversation of how to best utilize these will be shrouded in the more significant level tips.